Sewing with Sophia

Sewing Lessons and Custom Garments


Enrollment is now open!

Enrollment is currently open for adult students and children 8+. All classes are one-on-one, where you learn what you want to learn. I have designed a variety of beginner and intermediate projects to choose from, each one designed to teach important sewing skills and techniques. For more advanced sewers, a custom curriculum is developed focusing on your passions, expanding upon your current skills, and filling in any knowledge gaps. Whether it is taillored clothes or simple crafts you are interested in, you will leave my studio eqquipped with the skills to create stunningly detailed pieces.


I provide a mechanical sewing machine for student use (Viking E20), or you may bring your own machine to my studio. You are encouraged to bring your own materials to class, or I can supply them for an additional fee. Materials for classes will be discussed prior to the first lession.

Introduction Classes

These two hour long, single session classes are designed for students of all ages and no prior sewing experience. It is never too early nor too late to start sewing, so come prepared with your imagination (and class materials) and get ready to learn. This first hour is spent learning the basics of sewing machine usage and maintanence, as well as fabric and thread types and their usage. The second hour will be spent applying those skills in the creation of your chosen project. You will walk out of this class with a completed piece you can be proud of and a wealth of new knowledge. It is highly recommended that beginners take at least one of these classes before applying for higher level classes. These classes are $65, not including the materials fee.

Beginner-Intermediate Classes

After completing at least one of the Introduction classes, you will be ready to dive deeper into the world of sewing. In these classes, you will work with commerial patterns, learning to read, follow, and alter when neccessary, and learn to work with stretch and woven fabrics of different weights and textures. These classes are student-paced and are billed by the hour, $35/hr for adults and $40/hrs for children and teens. Please contact me for more information.

Advanced Classes

Please contact me for more information regarding classes for advanced sewers.