Sewing with Sophia

Sewing Lessons and Custom Garments

Introduction Class - The Elastic Waist Skirt

This two hour long single session class is designed for you to learn the basics of sewing machine usage and to leave the studio with a finished piece you can be proud of. The first half of this class will cover sewing machine usage and maintainence, as well as fabric and thread types and their usage.

The second half of this class is dedicated to creating an elastic waist skirt. This skirt is made from a single rectangular cut of fabric, featuring only straight lines in its construction. You will have plenty of room to include your own embellishments and details, such as optional pockets, decorative stitching, and trim.


Please let me know beforehand if you will not be able to provide the following materials yourself. The fee for materials for children is $18, and the fee for adults is $28. This fee covers the following materials:

Optional supplies for embellishment will be discussed prior to class.